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Cupcake Decorating Days

Rex's Heavenly Cupcakes started its decorating days in April 2012.

They concentrate on teaching you to make beautiful toppings for your cupcakes, as well as mini cakes and Christmas cakes. Depending on the day you choose, we will be running half and full day courses.

These are ideal if you would like to make and display your cupcakes and cakes for family and friends or take cupcake/cake making more seriously!

During the  cupcake course you will learn how to colour fondant and make beautiful toppings for your cupcakes, as well as making roses and trying scroll work which can be used on the vintage cupcakes!

Our cupcake decorating days are ideal for birthday treats, Christmas presents or other events like Hen Parties, where you can have cupcakes and Champagne to celebrate with the bride before her big day!

At the end of the day you will take home four beautifully decorated cupcakes in a box to show off to your friends and family!

  Please call for details, they are  held in Bournemouth and Farnham.

The days can be themed to suit the time of year, Christmas, Valentines, Easter and many others...

These days can also be tailored to your requirements within the corporate industry.


Please contact us for more information 07708 074112, or alternatively email us through the website.

Coral. x



  Please call 07708074112 for help and advice.

Bournemouth - The Cottonwood Hotel

28th February -Saturday

25th April  - Saturday

13th June - Saturday

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Rex's Heavenly Cupcakes

Our cakes are lovingly made and baked to order using the finest natural ingredients. Our heavenly cupcakes are made in small, medium or an amazing large size!

A mouthwatering selection of flavours and toppings suitable for many different occasions.